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Educator Institute
Engaging Learners in Authentic Learning Anytime, Anywhere

1-day virtual session
Thursday, March 4, 2021
8 am - 2 pm PT


How do we engage learners in authentic, participatory, and relevant learning experiences in our virtual and in-person classrooms? How can we empower learners to leverage their strengths and interests so they can solve problems that matter to them? When we focus on learners and connect to their interests, needs, and goals, we inspire meaningful, self-driven, lifelong learning. And it’s possible to do in virtual classrooms, too!

Authentic Learning Educator Institute

In this one-day interactive Institute, teachers, coaches, and administrators will deepen authentic learning practices through an experiential professional learning process. Guided by our learner-centered approach that promotes agency, positions learning in ways that are personal and relevant, and equips learners with the transferable skills and competencies to engage in transformational learning, participants will explore authentic learning as both learners and educators, and will emerge with a deepened understanding and toolkit of strategies and activities to put into practice with students.

Throughout the Institute educators will:

  • Engage in a facilitated authentic learning experience and reflection process to expand perspectives as both a learner and learning facilitator.

  • Explore structures that foster authentic learning including instructional models, question protocols, research methods, self-assessment, feedback cycles, and approaches for promoting collaboration, sharing, and reflection. 

  • Acquire resources and techniques that can be used with learners right away. 

  • Connect, collaborate, and learn with a community of educators.


Welcome and community building
Journaling activity + reflection
Learning experience introduction
Meaning making
Exploration and research
Product creation
Exhibition of learning
Reflection and goal-setting


Hear what educators are saying

“Teaching and learning online is not only possible but it's possible to do it well. This is an opportunity to tailor my teaching to individual students more than maybe I could in the traditional face-to-face setting.” High school teacher, Olympia School District, site-based Educator Institute participant
"I loved being able to hear about the experiences that other educators are having around the nation! Distance learning can really make you feel like there is no outside world, so hearing others' educational highs and lows was SO refreshing!" Teacher and Fall 2020 Educator Institute participant
“I liked realizing most of the tools in my in-person teaching tool kit are easily adaptable to virtual teaching and it isn't as 'hard' if I realize I can work smarter and not harder.” Principal, Olympia School District, site-based Educator Institute participant
“Thank you for this training which pushed me to think more deeply about backwards design and about involving students in every step of the learning process. Having ownership over one's learning is empowering.” Faculty, Mercersburg Academy, site-based Educator Institute participant
“I like the concepts we were exposed to, not only for a virtual environment, but also for in-person learning and coaching even.” Coach, Mercersburg Academy, site-based Educator Institute participant
"As a result of my learning, I will approach curriculum and content with more purpose and intention." Educator, The Hewitt School, site-based Educator Institute participant

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Time: 8 am - 2 pm PT

Location: Virtual (Zoom link will be sent to all registrants)

Price: $150 per educator, 20% off when you register 5+ team members


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Learning Facilitator


Symon Hayes

Director of Professional Learning

As Director of Professional Learning at Altitude Learning, Symon has extensive experience designing, leading, and facilitating professional learning experiences that support educators shifting to learner-centered practices. With over 27 years of experience in education as a classroom teacher, school-based and district-wide instructional coach, learning designer, and professional learning facilitator he has a deep understanding of instruction and assessment practices for learners of all ages. His work is informed by deep collaborations with schools and districts across the country, his tenure at Eagle County School District in Colorado, teaching in the UK where he is from, and degrees in Art, Education, and Education Design Technology. He also presents at conferences and is a regular at the annual Deeper Learning Conference at High Tech High.


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